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A Japanese acupuncture style specifically aimed at maintaining the health of children. It is a painless, non-invasive technique that uses small tools to tap and brush along the meridians and specific acupuncture points. Children’s energy lies very close to the skins surface and therefore is easily accessed by this technique to balance any energy stagnation and improve illness patterns, whether chronic or acute.

Shonishin is very affective for treating respiratory illness, digestive upsets, sleep disorders, skin conditions and is useful both pre and post immunizations as it boosts the bodies immune systems.


Shonishin is a Japanese style, often needle-free treatment designed to strengthen the constitution and balance the energy (qi) of infants and children.

Shonishin is effective in treating:
-Common cold, earaches,
-Digestive disorders:constipation, diarrhea, nausea, low appetite
-Weak immune system
-Failure to Thrive
-Asthma, allergies
-Attention Deficit Disorder, hyperactivity
-Night terrors

Since infants and children are in such a “yang” time of their lives, their energy moves and responds quickly; they do not require a prolonged treatment and a short shonishin session can influence their health positively in dramatic ways. In shonishin, various tools such as shells of different shapes (pointed, combed or with a smooth edge) are used to tap, rub or stroke the skin along acupuncture meridians. This method bolsters a child’s constitution and clears out blockages along their energetic pathways. Shonishin is easy to learn so parents can be empowered to continue treatment at home when needed.